Who am I as a Coach?

Asking who I am as a person is equivalent to asking who I am as a coach. Why? Because I believe whole heartedly that while professionalism needs to be expressed in the workplace, it’s wrong to be anything but ourselves with clients. When I went through my training as a Holistic Wellness Practitioner, I enjoyed 95% of what I was consuming, but I always had a problem with how coaching styles were portrayed as “correct”. We had to watch all these videos of mock coaching sessions and comment on the interactions had. Almost every time, my feedback was that it felt phony and I would never talk to a client that way. It was always a hot debate because there is believed to be a certain demeanor that a coach takes on while with a client, but I am just not one for structured rules. I think every coach should embody their own voice, using their unique style as the key component to attracting ideal clients. And that’s exactly what I am doing. I will be finding my voice and my sweet spot and my message as a coach for my entire career, I’m sure. But I’m feeling more comfortable now than ever in that space. I am letting go of the “should’s” and sticking to what I know in my heart.

So what is a coaching session with me like? I listen to your story, I let your story saturate my heart, I hear the words you are saying, and I listen for the minute details that come through subconsciously. Ooh, that last part is intriguing eh? What do I mean by that? Well, I’ve been hesitant to voice this for a long time, because I have been afraid of being seen as “woo-woo” or phony, but here goes: When I’m with clients, I tap into my higher self to listen to you on a psychic intuitive level. I use my higher self to communicate with your higher self, in order to hear what’s ACTUALLY going on within you. Now, listen Linda, I realize this is a lot to take in. You may be reading this like okay lady, did you really just go there? Yes, I did. This is my first public admittance of using this method in my client work, but I feel it’s time to come clean and show you all who I really am. We all have the ability to connect with our psychic intuitive nature and let it shine, but we are so often societally groomed to keep our light dimmed from an early age. I just never left my imagination, I never left my inner knowing that the Universe is alive and I’m an integral part of it, and I never left my roots to this Earth.

Don’t worry, I’m not about to whip out my crystal ball and tell you how you’re going to die. I will, however, help you see the aspects of your life that appeared to be one way, but are actually another. You see, often times I’ll hear clients say things such as, “I’ve hit a wall with my weight even though I’m not doing anything differently from when I was smoking hot.” My job is to listen closer, focus in on their what they’re really saying, and get them to recognize it before I even have to say it out loud. So with just a few nudges here and there, the realization becomes, “My body isn’t at the place it used to be even though I didn’t have to try as hard before. That said, I was really happy before because I had less responsibilities. I always believed that I was going to be married with kids by now and I’m still single in a job I hate and I’m starting to feel like I’m not good enough for love or my ideal career.” And we are able to come to a consensus that the extra weight piling on is internal stress and self-reduction being worn as a bulky sweater. So the answer here isn’t to work out more and eat less, it’s to find what is obstructing your self-love from being unconditional and to replace it with behaviors that magnify that unconditional love!

What does it mean that I’m trauma informed? It means that I’ve been through a hell of a lot in this short lifetime of mine and I’ve come out on the other side, THRIVING AND HAPPY. I feel confident in my ability to walk clients down a compassionate path in transforming their trauma to empowerment. It can be really difficult to use our traumas in a positive way, to not feel defeated by them. We have the choice to let our past fuel us forward in living our purpose or to let it act as quicksand in the fire swamp. Sometimes we just need someone who understands our experience to hold our hand while we make it through to the other side.

What does it mean to be a food and thought alchemist? Did you ever meet someone who can just toss whatever’s leftover in the fridge and make a mouth-watering dish in twenty minutes or less? Yeah, that’s me. I know which flavors go together naturally and use recipes maybe once a year when I have something I’m trying to imitate exactly. I don’t even bake with recipes..I know, risky! I love everything about food. I love how it nourishes us, I love the flavors, the smells, the associated memories, the culture behind it, the community of people that it takes to grow and create quality food systems. I have a degree in Botany, but my main focuses were on fungal biology, marijuana, and sustainable agriculture. I went into that field purely for my love of plants, the earth, and food. I think it’s incredibly important to know where our food comes from, to understand the amount of effort it takes just to get that sandwich to your mouth. Our relationship with food should be one of immense gratitude. Eating should be ceremonial, a time of meditation and reflection on how lucky we are to be able to eat a variety of foods in general. The same goes for thinking. We all have negative thoughts, things we immediately wish we could retract from our mind. The difference is being able to autocorrect ourselves when those thoughts enter. It’s a shame when our focus is on the things we have to “deal with” instead of the blessings we are gifted with each day. I’ve always been a very outgoing, positive being, but my life changed forever when I learned how to shift my way of thinking to a place of compassion, unconditional love, progressive action. I still have many human moments, but to strive towards constant grace in our internal works is the key. These practices hold space in my daily routine, and are a major part of my teachings with clients.

What does it mean to be a super spiritual scientist? You’re looking at her! As I stated before, I have a degree in some pretty heavy science, I’ve always loved science more than any other subject. I was also raised that love is my religion, I was encouraged to speak with the spirits I see, that ET’s are very much real and visit us regularly, and that the Earth is part of me. For as long as [modern] science has been around, science and spirituality weren’t even on the same spectrum. You were either a spiritualist or a scientist. I’ve known my whole life that I was both. Thankfully, in recent years, this isn’t such an uncommon thing. Very respectable scientists such as Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Deepak Chopra, and Michael Pollan are bridging the gap between the two in a very bright public spotlight. People are finally beginning to question why the two had such a large wedge driven between them, as well as starting to see just how deeply intertwined science and ether are. My work entails educating others on why it’s not only acceptable, but encouraged to stretch our wings beyond comfortable spaces, to open our hearts to more than we normally would.

There’s a lot more to my coaching nature that must be experienced in person, but for now these are some of my unique traits that I wanted to share with you, my friends. I am outgoing, bubbly, compassionate, loving, a deep listener, a teammate, a healing voice, a guiding hand, a truth seeker, and a healer. I am here to learn from you, to grow from you, and to experience life with you. I curse regularly, I give lots of hugs, and I shed lots of happy tears. I tell my clients I love them as they leave, because I do. I tell clients to text or call me day or night if they need some extra encouragement or help. I show up for you and expect YOU to show up for you. Accountability is a big thing with me.

Thank you for reading a bit more about me, I hope this can give you some insight into what working with me is like, or what I’m like as a person in general if you don’t know me very well. Please feel free to ask me questions and fill out my client application form in the bio on my instagram @hollywhitehealth.

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