Burning Man

Burning Man 2018 was the first I’ve been lucky enough to attend. That statement would feel very incomplete if I didn’t add in the “lucky enough”. I feel like Burning Man is this elusive entity that either welcomes you in or shuts you out. Not the people in charge of it, but the event itself. If you’ve ever been to Burning Man, you know exactly what I’m talking about. And if you’ve always wanted to go to Burning Man but haven’t yet had the fortune, I think you also catch my drift. The first couple nights that we went out to explore the playa, I was transported back to my dreams. Months before we even knew we were going to BM, on a conscious level anyway, I had several dreams about being there. While on the playa, those dreams came crashing back into my mind and the vivid recall was astonishing. Dejavu at its finest. The only difference between my dream version of the neon dry beach and the one in this reality, was that in my dreams I was just as mind blown about what I was experiencing, but I wasn’t aware of where we were. In my dreams, I was convinced we were visiting another dimension. I must admit, I still think we were. The thing is, no matter how wild your imagination is, how many outlandish dreams you’ve had, actually standing amidst everything on the playa is inconceivable until you’re really doing it. Even then, you feel like you’re living in the definition of surreal. Imagine a world based on genuine generosity. A place where freedom lives up to its true meaning. Somewhere where every single person can be their weirdest, truest self and everyone embraces it. You want to experiment sexually? Great, take a visit to one of the orgy camps. You feel like letting our your inner pyro? Head over to fire alley and someone will help that dream come true. Imagine a world literally driven by art. No, literally, art is on wheels driving all around you, better get some lights on your bike! Everything you see, whether it be human, bicycle, vehicle, sculpture, music, poetry, buildings, performances, is PURE ART. Even the port-a-potties are plastered with profound wisdom.

Have you heard of the temple? The last night of the event, the temple burns. This is the night after the burning of the man, which is explosively epic. The temple however, is even more sacred in my opinion. The second we walked into the temple, tears overcame me. The biggest rush of external emotion I’ve ever experienced blanketed my entire being. I say external because I wasn’t even really aware of what I was about to experience, but before I could take a good look around, I was consumed with love, anger, frustration, passion, disdain, shame, and grief. People’s pictures were stapled throughout the sunlit building, notes written directly on the structure or taped where there was room. Each dedicated to people who’ve been loved and lost. As my partner wrapped me in his arms, I sobbed. I couldn’t help it if I tried. And soon enough, his big arms held me closer as I felt the his heartbeat match mine, and his tears gently patter on top of my scalp. We traveled through, stopping to read notes from others’ hearts, and then taking breaks to cry again. We found a pen in our bag and wrote notes from our own hearts, only we had to be brief because so many other hearts had already poured out. We didn’t read what each other said. We didn’t have to.

That night, the temple burned, and we didn’t make it in time. Instead, we sat with our fellow campers on top of an RV and shared some good champagne.

Burning Man was the experience of a lifetime, and if we’re lucky enough, we’ll be back for many years to come!

Relationship Goals: The Growing Love Story Between Millennials and Earth. 

 Millennials are in the business of redefining tradition; relationships are no exception to the rule. What baby boomers and their parents previously defined as a healthy relationship has been all but made illegal in the Millennial generation. Just to be clear, “Anyone born between 1981 and 1996 (ages 22-37 in 2018) will be considered a Millennial” (Dimmock, 2018). This age group comprises a large part of our world today, and is often thought of as the “generation of change” because of their emerging ability to build bridges over lava rivers, so to speak. Caught in the wake of environmental recklessness, oppression of individuality, and resistance to change, Millennials are responsible for cleaning up much more than littered beaches. 

  Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word relationship as, “a state of affairs existing between those having relations or dealings”. A pretty straight forward definition that ironically seems to have been abandoned by many humans in the last couple of centuries. When did the relationship between humans and Earth turn into unrequited love? Books like The Giving Tree come to mind when thinking of this dysfunctional relationship that has formed between a planet and it’s inhabitants. Human health (and existence) is directly dependent on the health of our planet. The Earth provides humans with air to breath, water for drinking, land for growing, and natural phenomena for entertainment. The question is, what do humans provide for the Earth? This is a hot debate topic in the modern world, because unfortunately with knowledge, technology, and expansion often comes arrogance. It is hard to picture the Earth, or even the Universe, existing without humans because this species has developed the irrational thought that humans are the center of it all. The apple of existence’s eye. 

  The paradox between human existence and the existence of planet Earth is that while pondering the aforementioned arrogance of our species, the next logical thought would be that we are quite insignificant in the grand scheme of things. However, this is only true in the way of creation. When it comes to the destruction of this planet, there is no way we aren’t the center of it all. The eye of a hurricane, the detonator of a bomb, the parasite inside a gut…the picture’s pretty clear. Climate Change, the more accurate description of what used to be known as Global Warming, is supported with substantial evidence that humans are the direct cause. NASA states that, “Humans have increased atmospheric CO2 concentration by more than a third since the Industrial Revolution began. This is the most important long-lived "forcing" of climate change.” The industrial revolution began in 1760, by the way. That means that although humans have been on this Earth for hundreds of thousands of years, measurable climate change only started a few centuries ago. Why is this important? It proves that humans have the ability to live on Earth without causing large scale destruction, but have let greed take us down the wrong road. 

  Just like in romantic comedies though, it’s never too late to act on true love. Relationships go through ups and downs, selfish behavior, and passionate expression. Unlike in romantic comedies, to keep a relationship healthy, couples often need some counseling. No shame in that, right? It seems that Millennials have that part down in the form of taking advice from science and history. They’re proving their commitment to redefining the relationship between humans and Earth by laying out the facts, listening intently, and taking loving action one step at a time. 

  With Sustainability and Wellness careers on the rise, the damage done is on its way to being mended. People are realizing that while cheeseburgers are delicious, they come with a big side of guilt now days. Social media is filling up with articles on the direct relationship between America’s demand for meat and the greenhouse gases emitted from big agriculture production. Genetically Modified Organisms were hidden from the public eye less than a decade ago, and now science is exposing their serious dangers to human health, as well as their long-term detriment to the land their grown on. Obesity has hit an all time high, along with its comorbid diseases. In search for vitality, people are throwing out their processed foods and hiring wellness coaches. Colleges are dedicating majors to sustainable practices, using modern methods to guide young people back to their roots in eco friendly living. 

  It may have looked like an “on again, off again” relationship between Earth and Humans for a while there, but the firm (and sometimes whiney) voices of the Millennial generation have spoken…sometimes the strongest love develops from hardship. 

Written by Holly White 

May 8th, 2017





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A Brief Intro

Holly is a Flagstaff, Arizona local who has experienced many different cultures through world travel. She strives to integrate these different practices into her teachings as a certified yoga teacher (200 hour Rishikesh Yog Peeth), fitness and nutrition specialist, behavior change specialist, and holistic wellness practitioner (Southwest Institute of Healing Arts). Holly is committed to taking an individualized and compassionate approach with each client, speaking “their language” to ensure long term success. Reviews, information, and sign up are available at hollywhitehealth.com. She can also be reached at synergysolutionist@gmail.com, (928)853-7176, or instagram handle: hollywhitehealth.

7 Day Fall Cleanse (to reboot qi)

Tonight will mark the first meal of Steven (my partner) and my second cleanse together this year. We initially did a 17 day parasite cleanse when Spring changed to Summer, and now we are going to do a qi (pronounced Chee) reboot cleanse as we transition into Autumn. Many people ask me about what I do on my cleanses and how hard they are to go through with. Here is your chance to either do this cleanse with us, or save this information for the next time you want to participate. Here's a tip though, cleansing at the change of season, as well as beginning around the time of the New Moon, is a really great way to kick start your body's positive response to the cleanse! 

Some background on this upcoming cleanse: Qi is the term used in Chinese medicine to represent our life force. If you're a yogi, you may be more familiar with the term Prana. There are differences and similarities between Chinese Medicine and other Eastern Medicine, as well as the general ideas about our energy channels and the connections they have with our physical bodies. We have 72,000 energy channels running through our bodies, that's a lot to take care of on an individual basis! So instead, there are some typical lifestyle habits, including dietary choices, that can influence the health of all those channels in somewhat of a blanketed manner. Whether you are more into Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, or you're like me and embrace knowledge from both, you can't go wrong with taking care of yourself through diet. Now, everyone has different things they do better and worse with eating based on many different factors such as Climate, Blood Type, Ayurvedic Dosha, and so on. However, as I just mentioned, unless you have an allergy to something specific, there are some things we can pretty much count on making all of us healthier. Mostly this includes an 85-90% alkaline diet. We could go on and on about Alkaline foods, but I'll just give you a brief description. GREENS, lots and lots of them. Vegetables in general are almost all alkaline, with a few exceptions. Berries! yum. Berries and melons are generally alkaline. Certain kinds of nuts are Alkaline, but be careful here because many nuts, like peanuts (well I guess these are legumes) are very acidic and can be pretty destructive to the gut. Other legumes like lentils and beans are mostly alkaline. Foods that are generally acidic include, meats, dairy, chocolate, coffee, many nuts, certain fruits, and alcohol. Ever realize you are getting lots of canker sores or cold sores? lay off the acidic foods. Sleeping problems? Digestive problems? Candida? Parasites? Bad breath? Headaches? Fog brain? ALKALIZE>ALKALIZE>ALKALIZE, baby. 

Moving on. It is said in Eastern Medicine that eating with the season regulates body functions as well as Qi. This means eating cold foods when it's hot and hot foods when it's cold. This helps prevent the formation of free radicals (essentially cancer cells), prevents inflammation (which also causes cancer), and especially, it helps Qi flow evenly throughout our energy channels. We also want to try and eat foods that grow around us and only when they're naturally in season. This is not only good for ourselves, but great for Mother Earth and her cycle of life. Lastly, before explaining this month's cleanse, you need to know something about bones. Bone Broth that is. Bones are extremely nutrient rich. I have no judgements to pass about what your daily diet consists of, whether you are vegetarian, vegan, paleo, or an omnivore. However, even if you are a vegan, please do some research on the vital part bone broths can and should play in our diets. I get my Broth from a Local, Organic Butcher who only uses Local and sustainable meats to create their stock. It's only $6 for 32 ounces. 

How this cleanse will go: For seven days and Eight nights, we will eat only vegetables and bone broth. No fruits, sugar, alcohol, grains, coffee, meat, or dairy. (obviously bones are considered somewhat meaty, just no solid meats or animal products other than this). We are going to cook every vegetable so that we are sticking to eating hot foods in cold weather. This is going to warm up our insides and create fluid Qi movement. **side note: everything we eat on a cleanse should be organic. EVERYTHING. That's all I include in my cleanse, I hope you do the same <3

Tonight, on our first meal of the cleanse, we will eat a crockpot stew. (Original) Recipe below:

32 oz. Grass fed, humanely raised, local Beef bone broth

32 oz.  vegetable broth 

1/2 bunch curly Kale

1 head broccoli

1 red pepper

1&1/2 yellow onions

8 cloves garlic

1/2 eggplant

1 yellow or green zucchini

handful of fresh basil leaves 

4 large fresh sage leaves

a few pinches of fresh rosemary leaves 

2 tsp Pink Himalayan salt (less or more depending on your preference 

fresh cracked pepper

2 tsp Italian herbs 

Mix all in crockpot and let cook at whatever temperature is convenient for your day.

For breakfast tomorrow, we will have mashed sweet potatoes with a tiny bit of Olive oil and Himalayan salt with Yerba Mate tea. For lunch and dinner tomorrow, you guessed it!! More veggie stew. Once we run out of what I have in the crockpot right now, I will make more using different veggies and chicken bone broth to switch it up. I will post more bone broth recipes very soon! 

Hope you have a wonderful cleanse, I'd love to hear your progress!! If you'd like to be emailed upcoming in person workshop dates, events, or more info about my classes, send me your information on the sign up/contact link at the top or email me at Synergysolutionist@gmail.com. Much love to you all, enjoy your Qi reboot!