Love notes from clients

I have done CrossFit, health clubs, yoga, pilates, and I have never enjoyed any form of exercise until I started working with Holly. She inspires me to be present and to gift myself the benefits that come with working with her. Holly is a listener and a positive person. She encourages all aspects of my life and respects my privacy. I can share my thoughts or concerns with her and know they stay within the confines of her studio. She pushes me to work harder and to make gains in a way that are realistic. She keeps me motivated. She is very knowledgeable and has become a very important person in my world.
— G Shanahan
I came to Holly on a referral from my massage therapist after injuring my Piriformis muscle, which compressed my sciatic nerve and caused horrible pain and numbness in my right lower back, hip and down my leg for weeks. Even pain killers and muscle relaxants weren’t helping. I was in a dark place physically and mentally. That first meeting I was really nervous, but Holly’s kind demeanor melted my fears away and we clicked immediately. She is amazing at soaking up all the info you give her, assessing your individual health needs (she diligently takes notes like any other health provider would), developing a plan of action and continuing to reassess your goals as you progress. The group of stretches and hip openers she taught me completely eliminated my pain and drastically reduced the stiffness in my hips and other parts of my body I experience from long periods of driving for work. After a brief hiatus in our a practice, she began to lead me through a series of guided mediations during our practice. She helped me bring emotional and mental issues to the surface, which allowed me to live a more productive and fulfilling life. Holly’s tailored approach is perfect for nearly everyone, from the beginner, like me, looking to begin a journey with alternative healing to the experienced yogi looking for a one-on-one approach. It is truly worth every penny!
— Allie W.
I would recommend Holly to anyone in need of an amazing and genuine person to help uplift you and guide you through the ways to a healthier lifestyle! Holly has been doing yoga and guided meditations with the teenagers I work with and there is always incredible feedback from them. I’ve never had any yoga instructor build rapport so quickly with the teens and keep them engaged. Holly is able to use her knowledge to bring people together and help them feel great about themselves. She is educated in her practice and knows how to keep everyone safe and how to accommodate injuries. I will continue to work with Holly and hope many more do as well!
— Amanda O.

Holly has intuitively created a custom yoga experience tailored to my specific needs. I have not only learned how to listen to my body, but to effectively communicate with it. As a result, I have new-found strength, endurance, and flexibility. I have also discovered an unexpected sense of peace and well-being. I am very grateful for what Holly has done for me and look forward to continuing my practice with her.
— Mark G.
When my Chiropractor suggested that I do yoga due to some physical limitation I thought to myself I could never do yoga, those classes really look challenging, but when I met with Holly she listened to what I had say about my health and tailored a yoga session just for me. I never felt overwhelmed or over worked. I know that today I feel much better because of Holly’s help, I really enjoy our time together.
— Marie S.

I had never been to a yoga session prior to calling Holly, so I was a little nervous going into it, but I would do anything to help my back pain. Thankfully Holly was extremely courteous and helpful to this newbie and even went out of her way to find stretches specifically for my back. She was also flexible with location and worked with my crazy schedule. For those reasons, I highly recommend Holly.
— Drake L.