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30 Day Metabolism Reboot!

Tired of not following through on New Years’ Resolutions? I believe the key is entering the new year maintaining goals rather than intending on beginning them. Join me for the last 30 days of the year in rebooting our metabolism and resetting our circadian rhythm (natural sleep cycle) by learning to implement techniques into our daily lives. Studies show that a new activity becomes habit after 21 days of consistent implementation. I have found with my clients that it often takes 30 days minimum for that to be true, generally 90 for it to become embedded in our lives. I invite you to walk the path of personal growth with me for FREE for the last thirty days of the year, with access to loads of information, videos, and a support system. I have a feeling that by the end of the 30 days you’ll be sticking around to continue your journey with me as a client, but hey, if you’re just in it for the free goods I’m not here to judge! Go ahead and shoot me an email with your name and information (phone number, instagram handle, a little about yourself, and specific goals for the challenge) and get excited about your new life! You will not need to purchase any products for this challenge, all that I ask is for you follow on my instagram handle “Hollywhitehealth”, a daily “story” post on how the challenge is working for you, and a quick tag of my profile in those daily stories. This will help my business grow, and will also hold you accountable for completing the challenge! Don’t worry, I’ll be with you personally, every step of the way. Let’s get it!