Awaken Your Purpose

Awaken Your Purpose is a 3 month program providing applicable tools and knowledge to awaken your life’s purpose, wake up with intention, and create habits for lasting, positive change.


What does it mean to awaken your purpose?

This 3 month program provides fundamental tools, supportive guidance, and the creation of a new community to help you maintain and sustain minimal stress, inner peace, and a purpose driven life. During this program you will be guided by three healthy, happy coaches, each with a unique background, set of skills, and relatable life history. Over a three month period, you’ll be provided with detailed guidelines, homework for success, and one-on-one coaching to suite your personal narrative. This will be a holistic program using behavior change, nutrition, and exercise to examine and positively change our lives.

This program will include:

  • Access to 3 amazing coaches and their unique set of skills

  • A Private Facebook Group providing uplifting and engaging community

  • Multiple short videos each week, delivered to you with tools and knowledge from your coaches

  • Twice weekly one-on-one coaching calls

  • Weekly web video conferences / discussions

  • Multiple short homework assignments throughout the week to help implement tools for success

  • Three 30 min at home workouts with training video each week - designed to be fun, challenging, and motivating (new workouts each week on the Trainerize app)

  • Creative, accessible, and nutritious recipes sent out three times weekly (plant based with animal protein options)

  • Weekly newsletter with book and podcast recommendations, wellness advice, mindfulness techniques, etc.

  • Small, intimate group of committed participates (limited to 15 spots)

  • Overall, 5-15 hours per week dedicated to the program

Meet your coaches


Ashley diaz-Barela

Ashley is a queer writer, reading and residing in the Southwest U.S. She is an auntie, food activist, recovering bulimia survivor, and relaxation enthusiast. Ash is living proof that if there is such a thing as intergenerational trauma, then there is intergenerational healing. Her work consists of personal liberation, intuitive healing, and taking naps whenever she can. Through storytelling, play, and community involvement, Ash believes anything is possible. Follow her via Instagram at @_auntieshouse or catch her in the kitchen baking sweet potatoes or climbing a dirt hill in the mountains with the wrong shoes.


Holly white

Holly is a jack of all trades - specializing in everything from fitness coaching, personal development, yoga, nutrition, mindfulness, and more. While her life looks very different now, her journey to health and happiness was a windy road full of trauma and unhealthy coping mechanisms including destructive behaviors around food and drugs. Her ability to remain resilient and positive is what helped her navigate the struggles in her past, and look at new struggles as opportunities for growth. It is also what makes her relatable, lovable, and open and willing to connect with clients. She uses her strong intuitive nature to create holistic plans, unique to each client, that make them feel seen and safe to step into the best version of themselves.


mikayla shannon

Mikayla is a fitness extraordinaire, foodie, and overall badass. She has had a love for fitness since she was in her teens when she experienced the power of physical movement first hand. During this time, she underwent an impactful transformation when she not only released a large amount of weight, but also began recognizing the mental and emotional benefits of finding movement that she loved. Mikayla and Holly have been best friends, working out and creating recipes together for close to fifteen years. She now lives and works in Tempe, Arizona where she coaches individual and group fitness classes. Her passion for fitness is evident in everything that she does, and she enjoys sparking that passions in others.